Month 7

Your pregnancy – Month 7 (28 to 32 weeks)

Your Baby

  • Can open and close eyes and suck his/her thumb.
  • Covered with fine, soft hair called “lanugo.”
  • Fingerprints are set.
  • Has definite periods of sleeping and waking.
  • Kicks and stretches.
  • Responds to light and sound.
  • Brain and nervous system are rapidly maturing.
  • If a boy, testicles will start to descend into the scrotum.
  • By the end of the month, baby is about 15 to 16 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds.

Your Body

  • Uterus is now moving up closer to ribcage; may feel kicking against your ribs.
  • Can watch abdomen move as baby moves about.
  • Breasts may leak enough that wearing a padded bra is necessary. If breasts are not leaking, there will be plenty of milk for baby.
  • Weight may increase faster than expected; this begins the period of greatest growth for baby.
  • Begin to tire more easily.
  • Ankles and feet may swell.
  • May be aware of a loosening in the pelvic bones while walking.
  • May have contractions; this is okay. Call healthcare provider if more than four to six contractions occur in one hour.
  • As belly grows, it is harder to keep balance and movements may feel a bit awkward. May also notice lightheadedness when arising from a lying position. Careful – this makes it easier to fall.
  • May have trouble sleeping.

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