Sexual Dysfunction

Problems with sexual interactions can often impact a patient’s psychological state negatively as well as strain a relationship or marriage. Dysfunction can occur at any age and can be persistent, recurrent or situational. Dysfunction is divided into categories: low desire as in sexual desire disorder (where libido or desire is low or lacking), sexual aversion disorder (distress incurred on the patient upon sexual contact), sexual arousal disorder (the ability to get excited or aroused sexually with appropriate lubrication is affected), female orgasmic disorder (the ability to experience orgasms is reduced or absent), sexual pain disorder (encountering pain either during intercourse or upon anticipating intercourse).

Women often live into the eighth or ninth decade, but many become less interested or less satisfied with sexual interactions. We specialize in anatomic correction, hormone management for vaginal lubrication, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and compatibility issues with partners.

Our team can assess your pelvic health and ensure that no structural abnormalities are present that could explain all the distress encountered. Accordingly, your physicians can help coordinate your care with highly trained sexual therapists. Our physicians are known for their empathy, caring and respect for patients who are enduring such psychological and physical ordeals.