Patient Stories

Women's Health physicians and team at The University of Kansas Health System provide patients with treatment options that are often leading-edge. Meet a few of our patients and learn about their successful treatments.

Fertility Care Helps Couple Achieve Dream After Cancer

Fertility Care Helps Couple Achieve Dream After Cancer
Advanced reproductive medicine enables leukemia survivor, Rebecca Hertzog Burns, to become a mother. Read her story.


Baby Steps to Success
On their journey from 'unexplained infertility' to parenthood, the Baanders found the right physician and team at The University of Kansas Health System. Read their story.

Claassen family

Expertise, Cryopreservation Help Couple Become a Family
When a cancer diagnosis threatened fertility, the Claassen's relied on the expertise of the advanced reproductive medicine team at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City. Read their story.

Infertility patient story

Overcoming Infertility
After the Parkers learned that they were struggling with infertility, they sought treatment at The University of Kansas Health System in Kanas City. Read their story.

Stacy Garrard

Minimally Invasive Surgery Offers Faster Recovery From Hysterectomy
Stacy Garrard decided to give herself an unusual present for her 50th birthday: a hysterectomy. Read her story.

Drs. Manjoush and Philip Abraham with their surrogate, Dr. Carissa Stanton, and her husband, Jerod

Surrogacy After Cancer: One Doctor-Couple's Success Story
After a devastating breast cancer diagnosis, two pediatricians find hope for a family thanks to surrogacy after cancer treatment. Read their story.

Carmen-Rather family patient story

A Family's Journey
A critical prenatal diagnosis of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome lead Carmen and Tyson Rathert to Carl Weiner, MD. Read their story.

A story of survival, twin-to-twin transfusion

A Story of Survival
Melissa needed high-level care immediately in order to give her twins the best chance of survival. Read the story and learn about twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

read the survival story of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome

How Seren and Lola Survived Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
When Kristin Whittington was diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a laser treatment at The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City was her only hope for healthy babies. Read their story.

women's health patient stories

Outpatient Surgery Helps Couple Conceive
Learn how Michael Lydic, MD, and the advanced reproductive medicine and infertility team helped an Overland Park, Kansas family.

Quint family

Parenthood Becomes a Reality with Expert IVF Care and Emotional Support

After failed treatments and heartbreak, IVF helped Jenn and Jeff Quint become grateful parents of Olivia Michelle. Read about their journey to parenthood.

Largent infant

IVF Specialists Help Couple Conceive After Nine Years of Infertility
Amber and Rex Largent welcomed baby Wayne after successful IVF. Read their story.


Family Dreams Come True Thanks to Snowflake Embryo
Read about how Snowflake Embryo Adoption made Laura and Jeremy's dream of growing their family come true.


Fertility Team Supports Pregnancy Journey
Learn about Susan and Jennifer and their pregnancy journey with the support of the fertility team.

Hipp Family

Twice the Gratitude
Read about the Hipp family and the exceptional care they received during Ashleigh's pregnancy and delivery of twins with the support of the high-risk team.

Oscar Marsh

'We Have the Most Amazing Little Boy'
Read about the Marsh family and their dream of parenthood coming true.

Meredith and Cindy Palomo

'Patience Proves Successful in the Art of Artificial Insemination'
With support from each other and an expert care team, Meredith and Cindy Palomo used artificial insemination to help bring baby Naomi into the world. Read their story.