Community Benefit
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Kansas Clinical Improvement Collaborative

The University of Kansas Health System Care Collaborative works to improve the health of people living in rural and urban communities across Kansas. The collaborative consists of a network of healthcare providers across the state who use treatment models that are proven to be effective. As a result, patients have better outcomes and the overall cost of providing care is reduced.

The collaborative's work has resulted the education of more than 1,800 healthcare providers to deliver evidence-based care to more than 9,000 patients experiencing a stroke or heart attack, as well as those with sepsis infections. The collaborative's work also includes more than 49,000 healthcare interactions, from emergency department visits to home health visits and health coaching phone calls.

People across Kansas benefit by receiving high-quality care close to home. Many people participate in sessions with a health coach, whether by phone or mobile device. The collaborative's CareCar delivers follow-up services to patient homes after they have been discharged from the hospital. This helps to ensure better recoveries and fewer readmissions to the hospital.

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