Patient Comfort & Travel Guide

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The University of Kansas Hospital patient and visitor guide. To order yours, call toll free 800-332-6048, then press 4.Our travel packet provides patients and their families information on nearby lodging, dining and other amenities. 
Request a Patient Comfort and Travel Guide today by calling toll free 844-323-1227, then press 4 to talk to a Travel Concierge.

At The University of Kansas Hospital, the rarest cases aren’t rare. We specialize in caring for patients with the most complex conditions. Our dedication to healthcare excellence and patient-focused care attracts patients from around the region and across the country.

Our central location makes us easily accessible by interstate, highway, rail and air travel. No matter where patients come from, they can be here in a matter of hours. 

Still, planning for a trip and being in an unfamiliar place for medical care can be overwhelming. To assist patients and their families, we offer a Patient Comfort & Travel Guide and complimentary concierge service.

Concierge assistance for patients and families

Our dedicated travel consultant and concierge assistant will help patients and visitors arrange their hospital visit. 

Concierge services are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, please call toll free 844-323-1227, then press 4.  

Second opinion service

At The University of Kansas Hospital, we believe informed patients work better with their doctors to make the right healthcare decisions. That’s why we encourage patients to seek a second opinion. It’s a good way to obtain more information about their diagnosis and treatment options.

To learn more about our second opinion service or how to receive a second opinion, call 913-588-1227.