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To schedule a transplant evaluation, call us at 913-588-1227 or 844-323-1227.

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Pancreas Transplant

Transplant is a treatment option for some patients with type 1 diabetes. Our hospital is the only facility in the region that performs liver, kidney and pancreas transplants.

Pancreas transplant patients choose The University of Kansas Hospital because of our reputation, excellent patient outcomes and our commitment to compassionate patient care.

We performed our first kidney transplant in 1969 and our first simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant in 1999.

Patients receive expert, compassionate care

Our multidisciplinary pancreas transplant team thoroughly evaluates your condition to determine your best treatment option.

If a pancreas transplant is the right treatment for you, our pancreas specialists will provide comprehensive care and education, from your first evaluation through your pancreas transplant and for the rest of your life.

You can request a transplant evaluation

You or your doctor can request a pancreas transplant evaluation. One of our nurse coordinators will contact you to schedule your initial visit. You'll meet with a multidisciplinary pancreas transplant team that will thoroughly assess your overall physical and psychological condition to determine your best treatment option.

Request an evaluation

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Organ donors save lives

Learn why organ donation is an important part of our pancreas transplant program and how you can become a donor.