O2: Optimal Outcomes

Optimal Outcomes, or O2, is an electronic medical records system developed by The University of Kansas Health System to improve the way we deliver care. The program is designed to seamlessly transmit important medical information from one place to another.

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About O2

Physicians, nurses and staff need immediate access to a patient's medical information to provide safe, high-quality healthcare. Electronic medical records are designed to deliver that information anywhere, anytime.

The University of Kansas Health System has created O2 to ensure the very best care for our patients. The name O2 implies that, like oxygen, our new system will be essential, everywhere and easy to use for both patients and caregivers.


To enhance both safety and service, O2 allows a patient's medical information to flow easily between physicians. The system's "decision support" feature can reduce medication errors and assist clinicians in making medical decisions grounded in evidence-based best practices.


MyChart provides patients secure online access to portions of their electronic medical record. Patients are also able to:

  • See future appointments
  • Read notes about recent visits
  • View medications and immunizations
  • Receive most lab results
  • Request prescription refills

MyChart also allows patients to conveniently communicate with their care team via secure messaging. Responses to requests are generally made within one business day during regular business hours.