Modified Hours for Memorial Day

In recognition of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, some of The University of Kansas Health System’s offices will have modified hours on Monday, May 27.

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Quality Care
Doctor visiting with patient.

A Culture of Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our achievements and ongoing efforts to improve the patient experience. Our culture of quality puts patients first and delivers the best care possible. Our goal is nothing less than to be the best hospital in the nation for patient care and service.

When you visit The University of Kansas Health System, you'll learn firsthand why our culture of quality sets us apart from other hospitals in Kansas and Kansas City.

Improving the patient experience

A health system's reputation is only as good as a patient's experience. That's why our health system embraces a service-minded culture of courtesy, kindness and exceptional care.

Among our top goals is to ensure we provide patients and visitors with the best experience possible, whether they are here for a hospital stay or just for a routine appointment. Our team goes above and beyond during some of the most difficult times in people’s lives, and because we care about them as people, we are always looking for opportunities to comfort our patients and treat them with compassion and respect. Following are some resources we provide to ensure a positive experience:

Our culture of service

  • The health system provides many amenities for patients and visitors including:

    • Room service is provided for patients and their visitors. Patients can order from customized menus that include their doctors’ input. Meals are prepared in a healthy way and attractively served. Our nutrition team will follow up with you to make sure your meal was satisfactory. We also provide dining areas where anyone can grab a meal or snack.
    • We offer 3 locations of The Roasterie, where anyone can get a good cup of coffee.
    • Notary services are available.
    • Mobile device charging location are available.
  • To help employees understand the challenges our patients and their loved ones face, staff members in all roles – clinical and nonclinical alike – attend a day of customer service training when they are new to the health system. Sessions nurture our organizationwide culture of courtesy, kindness and exceptional care. Staff members learn to listen and empathize with our patients and their family members. They are also taught to feel empowered to solve problems whenever possible on behalf of patients and their loved ones.

  • We partner with current and past patients and families to ask their opinions and learn from their experiences as we work to make continuous improvements to benefit us all. These patient and family advisory committees meet multiple times throughout the year and communicate digitally to approach challenges, explore solutions and share ideas to make planning and receiving healthcare as convenient, efficient and comfortable as it possibly can be.

  • To decrease the financial burden of receiving medical care, the health system offers cost estimates for more 300 medical procedures. Patients who are concerned about paying for their care may qualify for financial assistance.

  • We don’t all speak the same language, which can add to the stress of being hospitalized. Our health system provides qualified interpreters to support the vital conversations between patients and their care providers. Onsite Spanish language-interpreters and dispatch-interpreting services in 150 foreign languages are available 24-hours a day.

  • We encourage patients to reach out to our patient relations team with any requests they may have about improving our processes and environment. Initiatives to improve experience include providing a refreshment cart in the Emergency Department, overhauling the process of reuniting lost items with their owners, and providing iPads so patients can communicate with a loved one is not able to visit them.

  • Our health system pharmacists collaborate with medical teams to provide the best care possible at the lowest cost. Patients have the ability to call a clinical pharmacist 365 days a year to answer medication questions, renew prescriptions through MyChart and have prescriptions delivered to their home for free.

  • Teams within our physician and provider offices have worked to create a better experience for our patients and visitors by adding patient experience professionals to their staff, helping patients with MyChart, our efficient patient portal, providing more communications in Spanish, offering telehealth services, enhancing our texting services and more.

  • Our spiritual care specialists are available to patients and their families 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This team includes board-certified chaplains, clinical pastoral fellows, residents, interns and volunteers. They provide support with prayer, counsel, devotional materials, rituals and sacramental needs. We also have interfaith spaces available for quiet sanctuary.

  • Our support services team includes psychologists, social workers, dietitians, nurse navigators, financial counselors and resources for learning and managing various patient needs.

We offer a variety of appointment types. Learn more or call 913-588-1227 to schedule now.

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