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Individuals who have suffered trauma to the skin may seek scar revision treatment to minimize the scar's appearance. Scar revision:

  • Helps improve the aesthetic appearance of scars
  • Can have a positive emotional impact
  • Is available in many forms

Can my visible scar be repaired with scar revision surgery?

Many patients who exhibit scars they find to be either functionally or cosmetically undesirable may be ideal patients to undergo scar revision surgery. You should plan to undergo scar revision about 1 year after the scar was created. You should also be a nonsmoker and not be taking nonsteroidal medications, vitamin E or isotretinoin.

Through what process will my scar be repaired?

Several procedures are performed to treat a variety of scars. The procedure you receive will be individualized to meet your needs.

A fusiform excision is performed when an elliptical cut is made around the scar and the scar is removed.

In a partial or serial excision, for scars that are too large to be removed in one sitting, an ellipse incision will be made, removing as much of the scar as possible. In a final surgery, another ellipse incision can be made to remove additional scar tissue.

If you have sufficient tissue around your scar, a Z- or W-shaped incision will be made to break up the scar, change its orientation and make it less noticeable.

If you have a raised scar, a shave excision may be performed in which the elevated portion of the scar is shaved down and the wound is dressed to prevent future recurrence.

Small, round, depressed scars may be repaired with skin grafts.

Finally, tissue expansion techniques may be used to stretch the skin near the scar to aid in repair.

Possible risks related to scar revision include dehiscence, infection and recurrence of the original scar.

To find out more about how your scar may be greatly diminished through scar revision with our plastic surgery team, please contact our office in Overland Park.

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