When you are admitted

  • Contact your insurance provider at least 24 hours before your planned admission time to obtain referrals or authorizations, if required. Many insurance companies have strict guidelines about covered services, where you can receive them and which physicians can provide them. Even though the hospital's admissions office will contact your insurance company, there may be information only you can provide. Please review the list of Managed Care Plans accepted at The University of Kansas Health System.

    • Bring your photo identification, insurance card, prescription insurance card and referral information to Admissions, which is located off the hospital's main lobby. If you have any questions, call Admissions at 913-588-5807.

    • Emergency admissions/admission from outpatient clinics
      We will complete your admission paperwork in the Emergency Department, or an Admissions office staff member will come to your room to complete it. Or we may ask one of your family members or a friend to go to Admissions.

      If you are coming from your physician's office, please come to Admissions first to complete your paperwork. If you are unable to do so, an admissions office staff member will come to your room.

    • Protecting your privacy
      When you are admitted, we will assign you a privacy code, which is a four-digit number. We will share information about your condition only with callers who have your code. So you can be in control, share your code only with family members and friends you want to have information about your condition.

      All patients are listed in the health system patient directory, unless they ask not to be. The directory includes your name and room number and is used by our staff to direct visitors or callers who ask for you by name. If you do not want people to know you are in the hospital, we will not list you in the directory.