When you go home

We want to make sure your discharge from the hospital is easy for you and that all your questions have been answered. Your care team will work with you to create a safe discharge plan and answer your questions.


  • You may choose to fill your prescriptions at the outpatient pharmacy, located off the hospital's main lobby. Consider this option if you will need medications while traveling. Later, if you wish, you can have your prescriptions transferred to a pharmacy closer to home.
  • When you pick up your medications before leaving the hospital, have your prescription insurance information ready. Depending on your insurance, you'll have a co-payment or pay the full cost of your prescriptions.
  • For your convenience, the outpatient pharmacy accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card.
  • For questions, call 913-588-2361.

Personal items
Remember to take home any personal items from your room, as well as any items that you may have stored in the admissions office safe. Call Admissions at 913-588-5807.