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Rehabilitation patient stories

Learn how extraordinary perseverance and determination helped these rehabilitation patients on the path to recovery.

Patient Allen Collins

Rehabilitation Patient Overcomes Paralysis

Physicians diagnosed an inoperable tumor growing near his spine. Radiation treatments shrank the tumor, improving his condition, but he was told he may never walk again.

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Rehabilitation patient Sam Porritt.

A Long Recovery After a 15-foot Fall

While on vacation in Italy, Sam Porritt was taking photographs overlooking a patio terrace. After misjudging a step, he fell 15 feet over a wall. Sam lost all feeling from the waist down, and he was rushed into surgery.

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Patient Kristy Lyon

Thriving After a Brain Tumor and Stroke

In January 2011, Kristy Lyon was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A resulting surgery led to a life-altering stroke that caused the loss of ability to use her left side, vision deficits and cognitive impairment. Kristy was suddenly unable to perform basic tasks.

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Rehabilitation patient Patrick Provance.

A Reason to Rehabilitate

Tragic accident doesn't stop new dad from participating in birth.

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