No need for knee surgery

iovera testimonial Katherine Focht, 61, tried everything from physical therapy to steroid injections to manage the grinding pain in her knee. But relief was intermittent and eventually the therapies didn’t work at all. She had held off knee surgery as long as she could.

“I didn’t want to be incapacitated by surgery for even the shortest period of time,” said the energetic retired executive secretary. “I try to stay active, but the pain was always there even when I did everyday things like walking, turning or kneeling.”

Resigned to knee replacement surgery, she was referred to rehabilitation medicine specialist Neil Segal, MD, at The University of Kansas Health System. After an extensive exam, Dr. Segal suggested she undergo a new pain treatment instead of surgery.

“I was so happy!” she said.

Called iovera°, the new procedure uses the body’s natural response to cold to deliver precise treatment that immediately relieves pain. The University of Kansas Health System is the only healthcare provider between Denver and Chicago to offer this innovative method of pain management.

“The best benefits are that it provides immediate relief and doesn’t leave a patient with side effects. Also, the relief lasts between three and five months,” said Dr. Segal. “It’s a great alternative to other treatments and improves patient quality of life quickly.”

Katherine’s procedure took just 30 minutes and she was able to drive herself home with no need for assistance. “It was amazing!” she said. “I no longer have the pain I had before. I plan to receive the iovera treatment on my knee for as long as I am able.”

In fact, Katherine will return in about five months for another iovera treatment. And she is a true believer in the procedure.

“I’ve actually provided all of the iovera information – including Dr. Segal’s contact information – to friends and family members who have knee pain.”