Patient Stories

Teamwork enables safe removal of skewer from child's face
Interdisciplinary experts collaborate to safely remove meat skewer from Xavier Cunningham’s face.

Interdisciplinary team provides support after traumatic brain injury
Comprehensive follow-up care across specialties helped college student Madison Denton return to her studies following a brain injury

Experimental device offers lifesaving treatment
Aneurysm experts save life of Shannon Chance, husband and father

Neurosurgery restores lost vision, sense of smell
Joe Robben assumed reduced vision was a normal sign of aging, but when his sense of smell disappeared, he sought opinions that revealed a brain tumor. 

Awake craniotomy supports brain tumor fight
Jeff Williams was ready to fight his aggressive brain tumor – no matter what. He never imagined staying awake during brain surgery would be part of that strategy.

Compassionate care creates thankful advocate
Vision problems revealed Becca Kerschinske's brain tumor. Multidisciplinary care removed it and restored her eyesight.

Spine expertise resolves risk of quadriplegia
Kent McEvers' successful spine surgery restored his quality of life and ability to travel.

Advanced options for rare neurological disorder
After years of pain and frustration, April Archote receives effective care

Advanced neurosurgery stops pain, restores quality of life
Carole Harris connects with the right physician to resolve debilitating facial pain

Finding answers
Jessica Rostock finds the right treatment for her epilepsy through surgery

A license for freedom
Roxane Duncan undergoes surgery to end her seizures

A new normal
Epileptic seizures no longer cloud Rick Younger's days.

Seizing life at last
Pam Meyers refused to surrender to seizures.

Looking forward to the future
Nurse Gigi Siers is grateful for neurological expertise that saved her vision.

A life in pictures
Expert neurosurgery put life back in focus for Kacey Hobson