Implant Based Breast Reconstruction

During implant breast reconstruction, your plastic surgeon uses a special expander implant, filling it with saline through a port. The skin is gradually stretched enough to accommodate a breast implant beneath the tissue.

Women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer and lost one or both breasts, or who have experiencedexpander implant other trauma to the breast, may decide to undergo breast reconstruction surgery and receive implants. They may also consider reconstruction if they have lost only a portion of the breast to, for example, a lumpectomy. These women are cancer-free and are emotionally ready to go through the change in appearance that is a part of breast reconstruction.

The two general breast implant types are saline and silicone. Saline implants are considered by some to be the preferred option because they are easily adjustable, and require fewer incisions to insert because the implant is inflated once in place.

Some women feel safer with saline implants because they fear the risk of silicone contamination in the event of rupture. There is, however, no evidence indicating that silicone implant rupture is harmful. Silicone implants are regarded as the option with the more natural look and feel.

Who undergoes implant breast reconstruction?

Women who have undergone mastectomy, or whose breasts have decreased in size or are asymmetrical due to breast cancer treatment, surgery or other trauma may be candidates for breast reconstruction surgery. Among these individuals, those who wish to have a lower-cost procedure and who have insufficient tissue for a flap procedure often choose to undergo the procedure with breast implants.Thinking about breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

How does reconstruction with implants work?

Breast reconstruction with implants typically requires about two hours in an outpatient or inpatient hospital setting. Prior to surgery, you will consult with your plastic surgeon and oncologist to determine a recommended course of action. If a mammogram or other breast examination reveals that there is no cancer recurrence, the procedure will proceed as planned.

In order to place the implant, the breast tissue and skin are lifted to create a pocket. A temporary tissue expander may be used in order to prepare the breast for an implant. The expander is then taken out once the skin has adequately stretched, and the implant is inserted in its place.

If you are receiving an adjustable implant, the permanent expander implant will allow for future adjustments. The valve will be removed once full expansion is accomplished, which may take 4-6 weeks.

What to expect after implant breast reconstruction

You will be given instructions on how to care for the tape and bandages that are used to protect the incision sites. A support bra will be given to you to wear for the first few weeks as your breasts heal.

Most individuals return to work within a few days following surgery, but you should avoid strenuous activity until your surgeon or physician gives their approval. Please be aware swelling and bruising are common, and it can take up to six months before your chest feels and looks normal.

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