Interventional Neurological Conditions

With advanced imaging techniques, our specialists can also often offer minimally invasive procedures to treat a range of conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system.

Advanced options are now available for many conditions that may have been considered untreatable in the past. Or, for those cases in which open surgery may have been an option, the procedures can improve surgical safety, decrease pain and surgical times, and speed recovery. Some of the primary applications include:
  • Brain aneurysms and vascular malformations
    We offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment programs for patients who have been diagnosed with or suffered the effects of a vascular disorder of the central nervous system. Learn more.

  • Stroke
    As one of the first five healthcare facilities in the nation – and the only one in the region – to be named an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center, The University of Kansas Health System can offer the greatest number and quality of treatment possibilities. Learn more

  • Spinal compression fractures
    Our highly trained specialists treat a large number of conditions, many of which are referred by other spine surgeons from the surrounding areas. We work as part of a team that may include orthopedic, thoracic and vascular surgeons, as well as anesthesiology and rehabilitation specialists. Learn more

  • SPG Block to treat migraine headaches
    As an academic research center, The University of Kansas Health System is often on the cutting edge of new treatment alternatives. Our specialists were among the first in the nation to begin treating patients suffering long-term, chronic migraine headaches with the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block. This minimally invasive treatment uses image-guided technology to carefully target the administration of anesthetic medications to the collection of nerves deep in the nasal cavity which are causing the debilitating pain. Both the Sphenocath procedure and Tx360 catheter are offered. Read success stories of overcoming migraines for good.
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