Masks are Required

Wearing masks helps us keep each other safe. Masks are required in our facilities.

If you cannot wear a mask, contact your care team before you visit to discuss telehealth. Patients and visitors not wearing masks will not be permitted to enter.

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Healthy Hawks

If you or your primary care physician are concerned about your child’s weight, this program may be for you.

Healthy Hawks is a positive, multidisciplinary approach to addressing a child’s weight or other nutrition-related health concerns (e.g., high cholesterol). We work with children from ages 2-18.

Our goal is to help you and your child learn about making healthy changes for lifelong healthier habits, particularly in terms of nutrition, exercise and behavior.

Healthy Hawks is a 12-week, family-based program that promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone in your family. You will work with a specially trained team that includes a nurse practitioner, a psychologist and a dietician/nutritionist. Our program includes assessment and treatment from multiple perspectives.

Medical: To determine if medical issues are involved, we first evaluate your child’s lab work to determine if referral to a subspecialty (GI, renal, etc.) is required. We also evaluate mental health issues or concerns.

Behavioral: Our focus is on helping your child and your entire family make lifestyle changes by setting realistic goals. We also identify and provide appropriate incentives to reach your goals.

Nutritional: We work with you to evaluate current eating habits and make recommendations for appropriate intake (calories, fat, fiber, protein, etc.).

The benefits to your child of your family participating in Healthy Hawks may include weight loss, healthier eating habits, increased exercise and improved self-esteem.

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