Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health

Our pelvic pain and sexual health team was created to provide patients the most comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to pelvic pain, sexual health and vulvar pain.

Pelvic pain

While some pelvic pain can be the result of acute events such as ovarian torsion, ectopic pregnancies or appendicitis, persistent or chronic pelvic pain often leads patients to our clinic. Other patients will present to our clinic due to painful intercourse or vulvar disease. We often find these disease processes overlap.

Vulvar disease has many etiologies that will require specialized and extensive evaluation and an evidence-based approach to management strategies. Our physicians are experts in this area and apply the most innovative approaches to complicated cases.

Chronic pelvic pain is defined as pelvic pain not related to the menstrual cycle that has been present for at least three to six months. It is a poorly understood diagnosis that can have a tremendous impact on a patient’s quality of life, including relationships, employment and sexual health. 

It has been estimated that chronic pelvic pain can affect 1 out of 7 women. It is most common in reproductive age women but can occur in menopause. The cause of chronic pelvic pain is poorly understood. However, we know it is often multifactorial, which means there are many factors that contribute to the disease process. 

Effective management strategies of chronic pelvic pain require a thorough understanding of the multiple body systems that may be affected, including gynecologic, gastrointestinal, bladder, musculoskeletal, neurologic or psychiatric. Additionally, an integrated management plan with appropriate experts is the key to superior outcomes. We have worked to develop and identify leading experts in their fields to assist in patient care. 

Our goal of providing a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to chronic pelvic pain can result in complete resolution of symptoms for some patients. For other patients our goal will be to improve our patient’s quality of life. 

We are committed to providing our patients complete and innovative care for these very frustrating disease processes.  

Sexual health 

Additionally, we are pleased to offer many services relevant to sexual health, including menopause health, transgender care and graft versus host patients. Our physicians have expertise in menopause medicine and some are even certified by the North American Menopause Society. We are also very proud to be a leader in transgender care. We have a specialized clinic designed to manage transgender patients. The clinic is managed in collaboration with our reproductive endocrinology experts.

Graft versus host disease

Graft versus host disease (GVHD) can manifest throughout the body after a successful bone marrow transplant. Many female patients can experience severe symptoms of lack of estrogen in the vagina but it may occasionally be complicated by GVHD presenting in the vagina and vulva. This process is a relatively newer diagnosis, however, at The University of Kansas Hospital we have relatively extensive experience in evaluating and managing this disease.  

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