Tummy Tuck

Our Overland Park plastic surgery team is proud to offer tummy tuck procedures to help you realize your full potential following weight loss and to remove excess skin that may be left behind.

  • Removes excess abdominal skin and tissue
  • Slims down the midsection after weight loss
  • Repairs abdominal wall muscles
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    Before and after tummy tuck 
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    Would a tummy tuck be right for me?

    Plastic surgeons frequently perform tummy tucks for patients who have lost weight or women who have experienced childbirth. More than 115,000 Americans underwent a tummy tuck in 2009, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

    To be considered an ideal patient for a tummy tuck procedure, you should be at a stable body weight and be a nonsmoker. For best results, plastic surgeons usually recommended that patients postpone a tummy tuck if they are planning to become pregnant in the future.

    If you who suffer from the following conditions, you may be advised not to undergo a tummy tuck procedure: a history of DVT, bleeding diathesis or morbid obesity. Some of the following issues may also prevent you from undergoing a tummy tuck: age, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac conditions, upper abdominal scars or excess weight.

    How is a tummy tuck performed?

    At the University of Kansas Health System, the tummy tuck procedure may take between two and five hours to complete. The surgery is typically done with a general anesthetic. Before surgery, your plastic surgeon marks incision sites in the lower abdomen where they can be concealed and areas for liposuction, as necessary, are also marked.

    Two horizontal abdominal incisions, one above the pubic line and one in the bikini line, are then made by your plastic surgeon. The skin is pulled down and inward and abdominal muscles are repaired and tightened with sutures. The overlying skin is redraped and the incision is closed. The umbilicus is remodeled and possibly relocated.

    What can I expect after a tummy tuck?

    The tummy tuck is a rather extensive procedure, so you should expect a total recovery of up to three weeks. Immediately after the procedure, gauze and compression garments will be applied and may need to be worn for up to six weeks. You will be advised to move around within 12-18 hours after surgery. Any pain may be managed with medication and the sutures will be removed after a week. Follow your plastic surgeon's specific instructions for recovery and post-operative care.

    Like all surgical procedures, there are risks involved. Possible complications associated with tummy tuck procedures may include noticeable scars, infection, tissue loss, and DVT. If you are concerned about risks involved, be sure to ask for more information during your consultation.

    If you wish to learn more about the tummy tuck, we encourage you to contact us.

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