Robotics for Prolapse Repair

Many techniques exist for fixing and supporting the top of the vagina. If mesh is to be used, sacrocolpopexy is the ideal treatment since it is the gold standard for treatment of prolapse. Unlike the mesh that was used through the vagina for the repair of prolapse, the mesh involved in sacrocolpopexy use has not been FDA recalled or ever been part of the FDA warning and this procedure has been tested for support and effectiveness/results and any potential complication over many decades.

To prevent needing a big cut across the abdomen, some patients elect the use of a robot for their treatment. With the robot, the incisions are tiny (usually less than half an inch in size) and cosmetic. This allows for easier and faster recovery time and gives the physician greater access during the surgery because of the 3-Dimensional nature of the robot and the agility that the robot promotes. Not all surgeons perform this procedure using the robot, however our Urogynecologists have been trained over years using laparoscopy and robotics to perform these procedures.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are highly experienced and trained so as to help you manage your prolapse and develop a care plan just for you.