Neurofeedback is a treatment that uses sensors to illustrate brain activity and help patients learn to regulate their own bodily systems. This treatment can help people seeking care for:


Neurofeedback is a specialized type of biofeedback: a therapy that uses sensors to teach patients how to self-regulate various body systems. Biofeedback teaches you how to train your body to help itself. Neurofeedback is biofeedback for the brain.

What to expect

Before a patient can receive neurofeedback treatment in the Integrative Health clinic, he or she must first undergo a baseline test of brain activity. This test is called a quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG), or a Neuromap.

The procedure is painless. First, the technician cleans the patient’s earlobes and 19 locations on the scalp. Then, the technician places sensor clips on the ears and pastes sensors on the scalp. While a mapping computer program runs, the patient sits first with his or her eyes open for 15 minutes, then with eyes closed for another 15 minutes. The whole process takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete.

The experts at Brain Science International help us to interpret the resulting information. We use these “brain maps” as a clinical tool to evaluate brain function, track changes in brain function and create an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

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