Dr. Jeanne Drisko

Jeanne DriskoJeanne Drisko, MD, is the founder and medical director of Integrative Medicine. She started The University of Kansas Integrative Medicine in 1998, working as the only practitioner. Since then, the practice has blossomed to become the home for 10 integrative medicine practitioners. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Jeanne also conducts basic and clinical science research with other investigators on campus and around the world. Her primary research focus is the therapeutic use of intravenous vitamin C for various diseases. She has many peer-reviewed publications.

Integrative Medicine is Dr. Jeanne’s passion because she knows it helps empower patients to care for themselves. She says that integrative medicine “isn’t just a form of healthcare; integrative medicine allows you to care about your health.”

Dr. Jeanne was introduced to integrative medicine because of a personal health crisis. Fortunately, she had friends who showed her how to care for herself in a new way she had never been taught. Because of this transformative experience, Jeanne left conventional healthcare and launched into integrative medicine, where she felt she could truly care about patients’ health.

Dr. Jeanne spends much more time with her patients than most practitioners do – often 60 minutes. Why? “I listen with my heart,” she says, “and that takes time!”

She tries to balance her work and her life activities but says “sometimes the margins blur.” She loves to read about integrative medicine and science but also much more, and she will happily take book recommendations. Jeanne also stays active by walking and swimming daily. Since she discovered many years ago that good, seasonal, whole foods are scrumptious, her enjoyment for cooking for her family has returned.

Dr. Jeane’s clinical integrative medical specialties include:
  • Detoxification
  • Nutritional medicine to restore health
  • Cancer
  • Functional medicine
  • Women’s health