15 Ways to Celebrate International Integrative Health Day

By Jeffrey Field
January 22, 2018

Integrative Health Day is Jan. 22Tuesday, January 23, marks International Integrative Health Day, and Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System hopes you'll use the occasion to take control of your own health and wellbeing. There are easy steps all of us can take that can lead us to the path of better health.

Try some of these things today – and every day!

1. Eat a healthy breakfast – Don't just eat a muffin or pour a bowl of cold cereal. Try eggs or vegetables cooked in pasture butter, coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil. Or make a smoothie, like this key lime pie one. 30 percent of people skip breakfast. Don't be one of them!

2. Drink water – Most of us aren't adequately hydrated, and hydration is essential to help our systems run well. Try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day. For example, someone who weighs 160 pounds, will want to drink about 80 ounces of water.

3. Take a walk – Exercise is also important and even a 5-minute stroll around your workplace is better than sitting all day. Try standing during your next meeting or phone call.

4. Cut sugar from your diet – Too much sugar can lead to inflammation, blood-sugar issues and obesity. Here are six strategies to help you cut back.

5. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Let us keep you up to date on the latest scientific findings and healthy lifestyle advice that can guide your choices.

6. Do yoga – Yoga can help boost your mind, body and spirit. It can also help ease poor circulation, high blood pressure, limited mobility, headaches and depression. And almost anyone can do it!

7. Eat organic produce – Fresh organic produce can deliver essential nutrients and won't expose you to pesticide and herbicide residue. Opt for fresh, whole foods over packaged, processed foods.

8. Learn more about the benefits of vitamin C – Our clinic's founder, Dr. Jeanne Drisko, published a study late last year about how vitamin C infusions can help pancreatic cancer patients without interfering with a common chemotherapy drug.

9. Limit your exposure to harmful chemicals – Using green cleaning supplies and "clean" cosmetics are just some of the things you can do to reduce your exposure. Here are some more.

10. Fix a healthy dinner – Try any one of the healthy recipes, including coconut curry chicken, roasted asparagus or fork-tender fish in parchment.

11. Eat mindfully – Take time to enjoy the full sensory experience of eating, including thinking about how the food looks, smells and sounds. Rushing through the meal could lead to indigestion and may make you hungry later.

12. Don't snack after dinner – Our bodies need time without food to regulate hormones and burn stored fat, and we can have a long block of time in the late evening and overnight hours to let that happen. After-dinner snacks are almost always junk food, too.

13. Use your blue-light blocker – Using a phone, tablet or other electronic device late at night gives us too much exposure to blue light, which can interfere with sleep. Many devices have a setting that blocks this light. Try using it in the evening hours, along with these other pre-bedtime tips.

14. Don't stay up late – Most of us don't get anywhere near the amount of sleep we should. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and see if you don't feel better in the morning.

15. Write down our number – Before you go to bed, write down the number to our clinic: 913-588-6208. Have it handy if you'd like to make an appointment for a consultation or any of our other services. We'd love to work with you on a plan to take control of your health.

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