Patient Information

Comprehensive, personalized care

All of our patients receive advanced, expert care tailored to their conditions. Patients who require hospitalization are treated at our inpatient Gene and Barbara Burnett Burn Center. Patients who do not require hospitalization, or need follow-up care, are treated at our Outpatient Burn and Wound Care Center.

Our specialized burn and wound teams and leading-edge inpatient and outpatient centers provide complete and individualized care for patients and their families. We offer the care, support and resources patients and families need to increase comfort and speed recovery.

Helpful resources

  • Lodging
    Inpatients and outpatients can find convenient short- or long-term lodging. Your nurse can help or you can call the Information Desk, located in the hospital’s main lobby, at 913-588-5800. 
  • Hurlbut Recovery Pavilion
    Patients and their families will find a comfortable area to rest and visit during inpatient recovery.
  • Support services
    Pastoral care is available 24 hours a day. Your case manager or patient relations staff can answer questions about insurance, Medicare and other issues. Your nurse can assist in arranging these services. 
  • Food
    The cafeteria is on the ground level of the main hospital. 
  • Visitors information
    Download our visitors brochure to get additional information on the burn center.

Additional burn resources