Play safe with ImPACT

Concussions are common injuries that are often difficult to diagnose and treat. The expert concussion team at The University of Kansas Hospital uses an online assessment, called ImPACT. The assessment, along with a physical examination, allows the team to better manage concussions.

ImPACT stands for immediate postconcussion assessment and cognitive testing. Our concussion management team recommends baseline ImPACT assessments for all middle school and high school athletes. Having a preseason reference point lets health professionals measure recovery and make comparisons after an injury.

ImPACT evaluates an individual’s mental status by measuring attention, memory, problem-solving and reaction time before and after a concussion. The test helps physicians evaluate concussion severity and track the individual’s recovery to determine when he/she is ready to return to play.

Impacting individuals of all ages

The ImPACT testing system delivers scientific results. Middle schools, high schools, colleges and professional sporting teams use the tool to medically manage concussions in individuals from age 11 through adult.

Athletic trainers, school nurses, athletic directors, team doctors or psychologists administer the test. The 20-minute quiz randomly assigns problems, puzzles and tasks each time it’s given. This helps ensure the athlete doesn’t repeat the same test, which could affect the tool’s usefulness as a measure of neurocognitive performance.

ImPACT measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning in athletes, including: 

  • Attention span
  • Memory
  • Response variability
  • Problem-solving
  • Reaction time
Managing concussions is complex. The University of Kansas Hospital’s Center for Concussion Management is a leader in concussion research and treatment. Our care team is led by multiple physicians from different specialties and a nurse navigator. Our nurse navigator coordinates concussion care from injury through postconcussion management. For more information, call 913-588-1227.